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DDD/DCS Transitional Group Home

KG’s Place strives to meet an array of needs that our placements require and desire. The goals and expectations provided are individually catered to each placement in an effort to assist them to reach their highest potential.


All staff at KG’s Place is provided continuous training and education in the ability to:


·       Attain a variety of supports that are designed to maximize the functioning of placements with intensive behavioral support needs

·       Strive to deliver community strengths and resources with clear, therapeutic, and measurable outcomes

·       Deliver measures that are designed and implemented to protect the placement from harm as well as protect the other individuals that interact within their home and community

·       Coordinate and implement treatment with related supports as determined by the placements team to best assist symptoms, disorders, or behaviors that have interfered with the placements full inclusion in the community

·       Provide continuous supervision of and accountability for the actions and whereabouts of the placements. This includes the ability to see or hear the placement at all times as well as interact with the placement to be able to provide guidance.

·       Initiate time-limited supports based on the needs and progress of the member